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OpenPoint Issue Tracker: Requirements

OpenPoint Issue Tracker is a web-based application. You install it on a single PC which we'll call the "IT Server". Any number of people can use the application at the same time. Users ("clients") can work on any PC (including the IT Server) that has a web browser and can connect to the IT Server via a network. A client's PC requires only a browser; no other software needs to be installed.

IT Server Requirements

  • Operating Systems - Although Issue Tracker may run on earlier Windows versions, only Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP are officially supported.
  • Java - OpenPoint Issue Tracker requires JRE 1.4.  If JRE 1.4 or better is not installed on your computer, the installation program will assist you with installing it. 

    You can
    check the version of Java that is installed on your computer and, if necessary, download the latest version from Sun Microsystems at
  • Microsoft Access ODBC - This version of OpenPoint Issue Tracker uses a Microsoft Access database and requires the Microsoft Access ODBC driver.  This driver comes with Microsoft Office and some versions of Windows.

Client PC Requirements

  • Web Browser - We have tested the OpenPoint Issue Tracker with the following browsers:
    • Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or newer)
    • Netscape Navigator (version 5.0 or newer)
    • Mozilla FireFox (version v1.0 or newer)


  • Microsoft Excel and/or Adobe Reader - Optionally used  for exporting reports











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